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In the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve, the regulations controlling the installation of exterior lighting are divided according to the 3 RCMs :

Sherbrooke , Haut-Saint-François and Granit .

In addition, the municipalities of Haut-Saint-François and Granit are distributed in 2 zones, depending on their proximity to Mont Mégantic.

A summary explaining the main provisions and principles of the regulations is available on the Reserve's Municipalities page


Choose a luminaire whose light is directed entirely towards the ground.


These fixtures reduce glare, use their light more efficiently and limit skyglow.

No light should be sent above the horizon and outside of the property.



Use amber and warm-coloured light sources.

White light causes more glare, more skyglow, and has more negative impacts on human health and the environment.

To reduce these adverse effects, use a color temperature of 2200K or less.



Use the right amount and intensity of light for sober and uniform lighting.

The eye adapts better when the luminosity of artificial light sources is in harmony with the ambient luminosity.


With lower contrast, nighttime places are more visible and the general visibility is better.



Adjust the timing and duration of outdoor lighting.

Install a timer, a motion detector, or simply turn the lights off at the end of the evening.

The main goal is to use artificial light only when needed.

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